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Продукты для арендных решений

Solutions designed to work across a wide variety of applications where temporary power supply is needed: the range includes mobile generators, battery energy storage solutions, light towers and dust fighters. These solutions are ideal for Rental applications, thanks to their versatility, high efficiency and high structural resistance. They are easy to use and guarantee high degrees of protection, low noise emissions and easy access for maintenance.

Mobile generators.png - [39384]

Mobile Generators

Wide range from 4 to 1250 kVA continuous power. Reliable, durable and versatile generators in order to give the right solution for every mobile energy need. These generators are able to work in a wide variety of applications where temporary power supply is required. Engineered to have a large list of optional and final configurations to meet the most stringent requirements as noise and exhaust emissions.

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Battery energy storage - 88598.png - [88598]

Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage solutions reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A Battery Energy Storage system allows the storage of energy from multiple sources: generator, solar or the grid. Energy can be redistributed, at a later time, to a site that needs power.

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Hybrid generators - 96563.png - [96563]

Hybrid Generator

Innovative and unique solution for a mobile hybrid generator suitable for a large variety of final applications. All-in-one product which combines diesel genset with hybrid power package, set inside same enclosure, in order to satisfy the growing demand from rental business for low fuel consumption, low emissions and low noise solutions. The hybrid power package consists of an electronic power module and an energy storage system with lithium batteries.

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Осветительное оборудование

Профессиональные и экономичные решения для уличного применения, такие как мобильные световые мачты, с тележкой или дорожным прицепом, простые в установке, транспортировке и хранении.

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Dust Suppression Units

The Dust Suppression range is composed of three models which offer different levels of coverage and performance covered by the nebulized water mist. This units are suitable for a variety of applications such as demolition works, mining sites, suppression in waste dumps, aggregate production or recycling, environmental repairs and much more.

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